Bylaws for the Kent State University ACS Student Chapter

Article I. Name

The name of this organization shall be the “Kent State Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society” and for the purpose of this rule will be referred to as the SAACS.

Article II. Objects

The objects of this Chapter shall be to afford an opportunity for students of a chemical science to become better acquainted, to secure the intellectual stimulation that arises from professional association, to obtain experience in preparing and presenting technical material before chemical audiences, to foster a professional spirit among the members, to instill a professional pride in the chemical sciences, and to foster an awareness of the responsibilities and challenges of the modern chemist. The Kent State SAACS shall: operate in compliance with its charter and bylaws; allocate the funds it receives from the university, and/or the American Chemical Society, funding policies and the funding policies put forth in this document; provide a channel for communication among graduate and undergraduate students in chemistry and related fields, the university, local ACS communities, and the national ACS community; promote understanding and intellectual stimulation amongst student affiliates, Kent State University, and the community; serve student affiliates and represent their interests in the university and the local, state, and national communities; promote and facilitate collaboration with other ACS student affiliate groups, both local and nationally; advocate for student affiliates in academic and extracurricular matters.

Article III. Membership

The membership of this organization shall be composed of student members of the American Chemical Society. Students who are not ACS student member may be chapter members and may have voting power for election of Executive Officials, but will not be able to hold any official office position.

Article IV. Voting

Voting on Executive Committee members, financial distribution, events and activities, and all matters requiring voting, shall be done by quorum majority. A quorum shall mean no less than six members of the SAACS, in which no less than six must be official ACS members, can represent the SAACS in voting for any matter. A quorum majority shall mean more than one-half of the number of valid voting SAACS members at the meeting. All members shall have the power to vote on all matters such as activities, events, T-shirts, office election, etc. In the case of tie votes, the faculty advisor will hold the privilege of decision.

Article V. Election of Officers

The officers of this Chapter shall be a President, a Vice-President, a Treasurer, and two Informational Service members, who shall constitute the Executive Committee. The president’s position shall be taken over by the vice president for each new academic year. If the vice president is not able to take over the president’s position then the president’s position, as well as all other officer positions, shall be nominated at the March meeting. The nominees shall be nominated from both self-nominations, and nominations from active SAACS members. Active ACS members who serve on the Executive Board can serve a maximum of two, year-long terms (consecutive, or not) if desired by the student affiliates. During the April meeting each nominee will briefly discuss to the student affiliates their plans to strengthen and maintain the Kent State SAACS during their retention of service to the committee. Decisions will be made via anonymous ballots, counted by the faculty advisor at the April meeting and announced preceding adjournment.  In the time between the April meeting and the summer meeting, the newly elected committee shall meet with the previous members at least once to hand over all material, and information. They shall take office during the summer meeting, in which the previous Committee will formally give their positions to the newly elected officials. These officials and shall hold their office for one year or until their successors is duly elected.

Article VI. Duties of Officers

Common duties include: Attend all meetings, events, activities, community service projects, promotions, etc. in the name of the Kent State SAACS; whenever possible, Committee members shall assist the other members of the Executive Committee in fulfilling their responsibilities. All Committee members will be active in the compilation of the annual report for our Chapter to be submitted to the ACS (Article X). All Executive Committee members must be official ACS members.

President: The President is the official spokesperson and representative of the Kent State Student ACS Chapter. S/he will schedule and preside over all meetings of the Student ACS Chapter. Duties include:

·         Liaison between SAACS and faculty and administration at Kent State University, members of all regional ACS chapters, and the National ACS.

·         Responsible for the coordination and organization of any events as designated by the Kent State SAACS. Serves as a public relations advocate for the SAACS.

·         Serves as the advocacy committee member – advocacy to any issues pertaining to education, teaching assistantships, research, as well as anything to do with the Kent State SAACS. They are responsible for student advocacy on the local and national level.

·         Represents the Kent State SAACS at any Kent State event promoting campus club, as well as in any event that affects the Kent State SAACS.

·         Organization of monthly meetings as well as working closely with other committee members and Student Affiliates in organization of all events/activities/promotion tied to the Kent State SAACS.

Vice President: The Vice President has the primary role of assuming all the duties of the President in his/her absence. Should the President chair become permanently vacant for any reason, the Vice President shall be come President, and a new Vice President shall be elected from the ACS members among the Student Affiliates. Duties include:

·         Responsible for the coordination and organization of any events as designated by the Kent State SAACS. Serves as a public relations advocate for the SAACS.

·         Official photographer of the SAACS events.

Informational Service Team: This team shall consist of two Committee members. These two members will work together to keep all SAACS records, and to keep all student members informed.

A.    The Meeting Secretary shall be responsible for recording and distributing minutes and all other records of the Kent State SAACS to all members. Duties include:

·         Preparation of meeting minutes from each meeting, to be distributed at least one week after the meeting.

o    Each meeting, approval of meeting minutes from the previous meeting will be confirmed. If meeting minutes are not approved by all members of the SAACS, including those not official ACS members, Secretary will make appropriate changes, followed by re-distribution three days after meeting.

·         Distribution of meeting agenda to all members at least one week prior to next meeting.

·         Member correspondence and current member email list.

·         Maintenance of membership lists (both ACS and non-ACS), and attendance at all meetings and all other events, as well as all other general record keeping.

B.    The Website Secretary shall be responsible for the Kent State SAACS website.

·         Keep the Kent State SAACS website updated, and post all pertinent information as designated by the Executive Committee and all members of the SAACS.

·         Craft all flyers and handouts for SAACS sponsored events.

·         Responsible for aiding Vice President in photographic documentation of all SAACS sponsored events, posting them on the website, and for keeping these photographs for the annual report.

Treasurer: The Treasurer is authorized, and shall be responsible for the execution of the financial obligations of the Kent State SAACS, in accordance with Kent State University and ACS policies and procedures. Duties include:

·         Submit financial reports at every general meeting.

·         Keep up-to-date on funding opportunities for the SAACS, and be active for all fund-raising events.

·         All requests for funds from the treasury shall be submitted, in writing, to the Treasurer for discussion, and voting at the general meeting. Treasurer shall be responsible for processing all claims against Treasury.

Article VII. Faculty Advisor

The Chapter at its annual election shall elect as its Faculty Advisor a faculty member who is a member of the American Chemical Society, whose duties shall be to advise the Chapter both in its local activities and in its relations with the Society. The Advisor shall be kept informed of all Chapter activities and shall advise the Chapter on any policy matters.

Article VIII. Professional Advisor

The Chapter at its annual election may select as its Professional Advisor a non-faculty member of the American Chemical Society. This person shall assist the Chapter in its relations with the Local Section of the Society and with the industrial community.

Article IX. Meetings

Regular meetings shall be held on the second Wednesday of each month, once a month at 5:45 pm in SLR 137. Special events may be arranged through the Executive Committee. There shall be at least four activities per year. During the summer months (June 1st—September 1st) there will be one meeting. It is at this point when the newly elected Executive Committee takes over.

Article X. Chapter Reports

The Chapter shall send to the Department of Higher Education/Undergraduate Programs a chapter report of its activities. This report shall be submitted on the student chapter report form sent to the chapter in the spring.  The Society shall be informed promptly of the results of all elections of officers and Faculty Advisors.

Article XI. Amendments

These bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the quorum, provided that the amendments shall have been proposed at least one meeting previous to the time of voting. Such amendments shall confirm to the ACS regulations established for ACS student chapters.