The KSU Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society (SAACS) Chapter was reactivated in 2012.  This group is geared towards students interested in all disciplines related to and including chemistry.  Planned activities are geared towards social and professional networking and development as well as community outreach for both chemistry promotion and service to help better our local community.

Recent events include hosting seminar speakers and a poster session; arranging local professional development seminars; professional networking; acting as peer advisers to incoming chemistry students; and various community service/outreach plans.  Other proposed ideas include field trips to local, regional, and national meetings of the American Chemical Society, as well as local industry; teaming with other local student chapters; and fundraising.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide a place for Kent State University students interested in chemistry-related disciplines to inspire growth in themselves, the department of chemistry, the university community, and the local community. In collaboration with each other, the department, and the local section, we work to promote awareness of the perpetual impacts of chemistry in our world, as well as to develop professional skills, friendships and contribute to the learning environment around us.

To be a part of this organization, ACS membership is encouraged. Some of the benefits of becoming a National ACS member are the receipt of a sampling of professional journals from the American Chemical Society, reduced attendance fees at ACS meetings, and access to the benefits of the ACS (including job placement). Membership costs are minimal for students, and as the Student Chapters have opportunities to receive financial support from the ACS, it is beneficial, both individually and collectively for the chapter. Please click here below to find out more information on the benefits acquired from membership